2017 Notecard Contest


Get those pencils and brushes ready!


It's time for the 2017 Notecard Contest!  This year's theme is…


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Members who would like to participate may create ONE illustration that fits the classic kidlit theme.  (If you’re unsure what classic stories are public domain, this site has a great list to get you started: http://www.best-childrens-books.com/public-domain-childrens-books.html) The five winners will be chosen by a guest judge in the industry and represent our chapter in a one-of-a-kind notecard set. 


Just like last year, the notecards will be available for purchase later in 2017, and will also be given to professional speakers who lead events in our region.  The winning illustrators will receive a FREE notecard set and have the option to have their contact information printed on the back of their card. 


Update 8/14/2017: We are very excited to announce that this year's guest judge will be Morgan Beck, Graphic Designer at Albert Whitman & Company




Morgan Beck’s love for art and books began as a child, when she spent days doodling and nights reading (often later than she was supposed to). It seemed only natural that she would later in life pursue a degree in Graphic Design. After getting her degree from the College of Design at Iowa State University, Morgan sought out Albert Whitman & Company. Now she gets to kern text, look at cute illustrations, and be a part of making children’s books for a living!


As an extra-bonus, after Morgan picks the five winning illustrations, we will send her the names and websites/social media links for ALL the contest participants.  (So get those websites in tip-top shape!  She may be peeking at YOURS as she hunts for illustrators for Albert Whitman books!) 


The deadline for contest submissions is August 30, 2017.  For full details on art size and other submission instructions, please click on the link below:


*2017 Notecard Contest Instructions*


In addition, our friends at the Upper Arlington Tremont Library have invited us back for another art gallery this fall!  This gallery will feature the original illustrations that members create for the 2017 Notecard Contest.  Participation in the gallery is not required if you want to submit to the contest, but it is encouraged.  Please see below for instructions on how to prepare your art for this display.

If you have any questions, please email us at ohiocensouth@scbwi.org.  We can't wait to see your talented work!


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Update 8/10/2017: Preparing Art for the Library Display


We now have all the details for the display at the Upper Arlington Library!  The library is very excited to partner with us again this year, and our gallery will be on display for the month of October.  They've asked that we please adhere to these guidelines for preparing the final art:


    •Art does NOT need to be notecard-sized (5.5" x 4.25") for the gallery.  It can be whatever size you desire.  (Please keep overall weight in mind as we don't want the pieces to be too heavy.)


     •Do NOT frame your final art.  (This is due to the hardware the library uses for their wall displays.)  Please mat your work in white or black (at least 1 inch on all sides).  If you paint on stretched canvas, your piece does not need a mat; it can hang in its entirety.    


     •On the back of your piece, please attach wire OR something that can hang on a hook.


    You may wrap your piece in clear acetate if you are worried about your original art getting damaged.  The library has said their patrons are very respectful, so this is up to each artist's discretion.


Final art is due at the September 27th monthly Columbus meeting.  (You can also bring it to the August 23rd Columbus meeting.)  If you need to make other arrangements, please email Kathryn at ohiocensouth@scbwi.org.  For the information card, Kathryn will also need each participant's name, website, and title of the Classic Children’s Book they illustrated.  This can be given to her at either the August 23rd or September 27th meetings, or via email.


If you have any questions, please email us at ohiocensouth@scbwi.org.  Thank you!


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Looking for some inspiration or layout ideas?  Here are the 2017 Notecard Contest Winners!

Compilation of Winners 2016 


(Note: 2017 Notecard Contest theme-reveal image was created from classic spines published by Puffin Classics: https://juniperbooks.com/store/puffin-classics-complete-set-11/)