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A great showing of Ohio Central South members, as always, at the annual SCBWI Ohio Northern Fall Conference, Sept. 13-14 2019!


and congratulations to Gayle Cobb, who won first place at the conference for her entry in the Out of this World Art Show!



Twenty-eight Ohio Central South members appeared at the 2019 Ohioana Book Festival on April 27. Nearly four thousand people attended this event, held for the first time at the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Clockwise from top left: D.W. Vogel,  Mindy McGinnis, Tim Bowers and Linda Stanek

Clockwise from top left: Trudy Krisher, Connie Bergstein Dow, Donna Wyland and Judy Carey Nevin

Clockwise from top left: Nancy Roe Pimm,  Margaret Peterson Haddix, Aiko Ikegami and Tamara Bundy

Clockwise from top left: Josephine Rascoe Keenan, Carmella Van Vleet, Louise Borden and Jessica Fries-Gaither

Clockwise from top left: Edith Pattou, Joe Sutphin, Mary Kay Carson and Will Hillenbrand

Clockwise from top left: Kerrie Hollihan, Martha Dunsky and Jeff Alt 

Clockwise from top left: Diane Stortz, Christina Wald, Laura Bickle and Sally Derby


Note: Krysten Lindsay Hager is not shown.



Ohio Central South members represented at the Ohio Northern Regional Conference in Cleveland!

Many of our illustrators submitted pieces in the annual calendar contest and three of our members won! Kathryn Powers, Jan Benham, and Becky Gehrisch will be featured in the Northern Ohio 2019 calendar.

And our own Carmella Van Vleet presented at the conference!



Ohio Central South Region was once again a partner with the Ohioana Book Festival in downtown Columbus, April 14, 2018. Our members created coloring pages and volunteered in the children’s room and manned a table for interested writers and illustrators in the community.  Twenty of our members appeared at the festival– signing books, speaking on panels, and meeting with teens in the teen room!


Clockwise from top left: Margaret Peterson Haddix, Josephine Rascoe Keenan, Carmella Van Vleet, and Kathy Cannon Wiechman


Clockwise from top left: Kristina McBride, Natalie D. Richards, Judy Carey Nevin, and Michaela Schuett


Clockwise from top left: Mindy McGinnis, Andrew Speno, Jennifer Maschari, and Jan Sherbin


Clockwise from top left; Melissa Martin, Tadgh Bentley, Mary Kay Carson, and Laura Bickle


Plus, a shout out to the lovely Cinda Williams Chima. Okay, technically, she is an Ohio Northern SCBWI member… but as Cinda mentioned, her son went to OSU, so that sort of makes her an Ohio Central South member, right?



Twelve Ohio Central South authors and illustrators signed books at the Buckeye Book Fair in Wooster,  Ohio on November 4, 2017. Tanya Anderson, Tadgh Bentley, Tim Bowers, Mary Kay Carson, Katharine Kenah, J. Patrick Lewis, Tammie Lyon, Jennifer Maschari, Mindy McGinnis, Nancy Roe Pimm, Natalie D. Richards, and Kathy Cannon Wiechman had a busy, enjoyable day meeting fans and selling books.

image1 (2)

Clockwise from top left: Tim Bowers, Tanya Anderson,  Tadgh Bentley, Mindy McGinnis


image1 (1)

Clockwise from top left: Katharine Kenah,Tammie Lyon, Nancy Roe Pimm, J. Patrick Lewis




Clockwise from top left: Mary Kay Carson, Jennifer Maschari, Kathy Cannon Wiechman, Natalie D. Richards



Nine Ohio Central South authors signed books at the annual Books by the Banks Festival in Cincinnati on October 28, 2017

Mary Kay Carson, Mindy McGinnis,Jennifer Maschari, Kristina McBride, Nancy Roe Pimm, Natalie D. Richards, Jan Sherbin, Christina Wald, and Kathy Cannon Wiechman had a busy and exciting day meeting fans, appearing on panels, and signing their latest books!


Clockwise from top: Jan Sherbin, Nancy Roe Pimm, Natalie D. Richards

books by banks 2017


Two Ohio Central South members were winners in the Northern Ohio SCBWI Calendar Contest, announced at the Northern Ohio Conference in September, 2017. Congratulations to Katherine Thomas and Becky Gehrisch!


FullSizeRender (34)



Sixteen Ohio Central South PAL members signed books at the Ohioana Book Festival on April 8, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio. Authors spoke on panels, hung out in the children’s and teen room, and chatted with the thousands of visitors at the tenth annual festival.

Below from L to R


Kristina McBride, A Million Times Good Night

Natalie D. Richards, One Was Lost

Kathy Cannon Wiechman, Empty Places

D.W. Vogel, Horizon Alpha

Mindy McGinnis, The Female of the Species

Edith Pattou, East

Josephine Rascoe Keenan, In Those First Bright Days of Elvis

Cathy Cultice Lentes, Getting the Mail

Jennifer Maschari, The Remarkable Journey of Charliie Price

Liz Coley, The Captain’s Kid

Linda Stanek, Once Upon an Elephant

Tim Bowers, Footloose

Tracey Dils, Under the Sea 1,2,3

Krysten Lindsay Hager, Competing with the Star

Julie Flanders, Baby Moo’s Great Escape

Nancy Roe Pimm, Bonded by Battle


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